Discovery and Activities

What makes the Ardèche so different is the diversity of its landscapes, its typical villages and huge choice of sporting and cultural leisure activities.

Your stay at the Hôtel de Vacances La Vignasse is your springboard to discovering the thousand and one pearls of the Ardèche.

Each day spent at our hotel will be an opportunity to explore the Ardèche river gorges, located just a few kilometres away, or to go hiking and climbing in the Ardèche Mountains, or the Beaume-Drobie, valleys or the Chassezac river gorges.

The Ardèche’s natural beauty spots, the typical Ardèche villages, the sporting activities and the savours and flavours of local Ardèche produce and wines are just some of the things to do when you make the Hôtel de Vacances La Vignasse your base.

The Ardèche’s natural beauty spots

  • The Pont d’Arc, an impressive natural arch and gateway to the Ardèche river gorges (30 min from the hotel).
  • The Bois de Païolive, an astonishing primeval forest with rocks in many shapes (a few km from the hotel).
  • The Chassezac river gorges and their exceptional cliffs (20 min from the hotel).
  • The Beaume-Drobie Valleys in the Ardèche Cevennes (20 min from the hotel).
  • The Aven d’Orgnac prehistoric site and its gigantic underground caverns (30 min from the hotel).
  • The Mont Gerbier de Joncs, the source of the river Loire, in the Ardèche Mountains (2 hours from the hotel).
Cirque de Gens
View over the Chassezac

Some Villages of Character of Ardèche

  • Banne (15 min from the hotel).
  • Labeaume (20 min from the hotel).
  • Naves (25 min from the hotel).
  • Balazuc (30 min from the hotel).
  • Vogüé (40 min from the hotel).
  • Antraigues sur Volane (70 min from the hotel).

Sporting activities in the Ardèche

  • Canoeing, kayaking or punting down through the Ardèche river gorges.
  • Canyoning.
  • Rock Climbing.
  • Via ferrata.
  • Rambles on foot or horseback.
  • Road, mountain and trail biking.
  • Motor bike, quad, buggy and go-kart circuits…
  • Ultralight aviation.
  • Golf.
The Pont d'Arc

Ardèche savours and flavours

Our hotel restaurant uses local produce for a cuisine with savours from the Ardèche.

While strolling through the typical Ardèche village markets, you will be able to stock up on tasty pork and country cheese souvenirs as well as jams, creams, flour, etc. made from blueberries and sweet chestnuts as well as olive oil from local producers.

The street markets
Ardèche savours and flavours

At the Hôtel de Vacances La Vignasse, we enjoy helping you decide where to go
with advice and suggestions about visits and excursions in the Ardèche that will make your dreams come true.